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Specializing in Men’s Wellness and Sexual Health

Offering erectile dysfunction treatments that are safe and effective, along with rejuvenation therapies for skin and hair that are proven to work. It’s time to take control again. It’s time for Regenerative Medical Health.

A patented procedure using FDA-approved equipment, the CaverStem™ procedure is performed by a licensed physician and provides a safe, effective, permanent solution to treat erectile dysfunction using the patient’s own stem cells to repair damaged tissue.




A non-invasive ED procedure that uses pulse waves to improve blood flow, GAINSWave™ is safe and effective, and is performed in-office with long-lasting results and no downtime.


With age, the skin loses its youthful luster and tone. Eclipse Platelet Rich Plasma High Concentration (PRP®HC) isolates your own platelets for a painless injection that tightens the skin and provides anti-aging benefits.



If you’re one of 80 million Americans affected by hair loss, Theradome is advanced clinical-strength laser therapy that’s easy, convenient, and provided in the comfort of your own home.

With Theradome treatment you can expect:

  • A minimization and reduction of hair loss
  • A thickening of hair follicle size for existing hair
  • New growth of fuller, healthier hair



Sexual health rejuvenation for women using the patient’s own stem cells to treat female sexual dysfunction.